There are several ways for you to get involved!

  • Our most active group is the Kite Tales Book Club that meets 6 times a year - three times in the Fall and three times in the Spring. We also use this opportunity to conduct our Chapter Business. Attend whether you've read the book or not! Coffee, tea, and conversation are welcome.
  • Near the end of the Spring semester, the Burlington Alumnae Chapter hosts a Senior Service for the graduating members of Lambda Chapter from the University of Vermont. We perform the Senior Service ritual and have a small celebration in their honor.
  • Join the Sorority Property Tax Repeal Committee! Starting January 1, 2017, all fraternities and sororities in Vermont must pay an annual proprerty tax to the state of Vermont. Lambda is anticipating to pay over $35,000 for their property and it will fall on the college members. Please join this committee to help show the Vermont Legislature that the fraternities & sororities possess an important value to the community at the University of Vermont, the city of Burlington, and on a greater, national scale. Email Cathy Foutz at to join. Information will be posted here as it comes available.
  • Join the Advisory Board for the Lambda Chapter at the University of Vermont! We are always looking for alumna who want to stay involved with the local college. Operations, Risk Management, and the Community Involvement Adivsor are still available! Please contact Sammy DiStefano at for more information. If you'd like to be considered for other positions, please let Sammy know.
  • We're looking to revamp some of our events for the 2015-2016 season. If you'd like to suggest anything specific, please contact Cyndy Coy-Ginsbury at
  • Become an officer for the Burlington Alumnae Chapter! There are numerous positions available and we'd love to have you. We're just getting the ball rolling and hope to expand our reach by having more varied events - what could you contribute? Vice President, Membership Communications Coordinator, Secretary, Event Coordinator, and the Young Alumnae Liaison are still available! Please contact to get involved.
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